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Medical Marijuana Doctor in Jacksonville, Florida

Family Owned Business

Many of our Competitors came in from out of state. They hire staff and then flood the market with advertising. Once they realize they are not making enough money they simply fire the staff, and leave the patients stranded. Make sure the people working in the practice are the owners. MMJ has been legal for 2 years, and we have seen 3 practices close their doors already.

Less Paper Work

We have implemented the latest technology to reduce the paperwork required to retrieve your records.  Apply for your  medical marijuana license Today.

Best Customer Service

We make sure to give our patients thorough information, and respond immediately to all questions and concerns.

Most Affordable

We are charging $250 for initial certification. Our patients come back once every 7 months to see the doctor for $150.00 follow up. No other hidden charges.

Convenient Location

Centrally located in downtown Jacksonville, FL  to better serve our patients who are in need of a medical marijuana card.

Most Knowledgeable

We make sure to know all products available to patients. Before a new dispensary comes into town we have already been to their grow facility, and learned their products. We go out of our way to get accurate feedback from our patients. This allows us to share with other patients information that may be helpful.


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